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I had a colleague who asked me to help him manage a system he'd put together in which reports were mailed to a server that used procmail to trigger a script that reformatted them and pidgeonholed them for display on a webserver - the pidgeonholes were how the dynamic stacked hyperlink index of documents was built. Crude, maybe, but hard-wearing and easy to administer.

There were three classes of report, but only two were being displayed as intended. The third had "some bug I never had the time to properly sort out - probably an OS patch needed or something". It had been broken for years.

I procured Martin McCarthy's excellent book on procmail from Amazon and two days (prime membership for the win) and a short read to get up to speed later I dug in and spotted the typo in the recipe almost immediately. New pair of eyes and all that.

I fixed the issue and asked if I might not take over that admin chore, as I could see a couple of new applications for the technique.

Within four hours the server passwords had been changed, locking me out. He didn't speak to me for a couple of weeks after that either.

So I guess the answer was "Thanks for fixing the problem but I don't think we need an admin for that specific application".

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