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When was the last time you went to a computer store and bought a piece of software? It's darn rare these days with nearly every publisher distributing directly or forcing customers to use highly dodgy "app stores" based on their OS. It means that encryption apps without backdoors will be purchased online from vendors based in other countries that have no company presence in Australia. Serious bad guys aren't going to be using compromised comms on a regular basis for anything that would be incriminating. Big companies will continue to use VPNs and secure encryption since a government could go broke trying to go after a company the size of Coca-Cola, Amazon or Apple and who would they put in jail? Certainly not a ranking C-level executive that signs off on political donations. Drug companies exchanging research information between divisions, companies working on transportation automation and other cutting edge industries can't risk having their information leak from a government organization or due to one of these backdoors.

What happens when there is a data breach of personal information from a compromised backdoor? The company can't be held liable and any government is going to claim immunity even though the law required the compromised security. The software publisher can claim that their wares performed exactly as expected. It would just be that somebody guessed, reverse engineered or "obtained" a copy of the key. The likelihood of comm intercepts being useful in preventing a terrorist attack is far outweighed by the 100% likelihood of personal data and company trade secrets winding up for sale on the dark web. It's long past time that there is an educational requirement for those running for political office. Nobody can know everything, but politicians seem to not be able to understand even the simplest technical concepts. There's that newly elected representative in the US that doesn't even know the structure of the US government. That's downright scary.

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