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I think I've posted this before but a repeat fits perfectly here.

I had a call "I can't find the right page 2"


"There's lots if page 2s and I can't find the right one."

Cue visit.

The screen is littered with page 1s and page 2s plus the odd page 3

Turns out she was in typewriter mode and thought that you needed a new document for the next page.

She had managed ok for a while but as work progressed it had got out of hand.

Would have helped a bit if she had developed a file naming procedure that linked the pages- but no. Page 1, page 2.

Spent a bit of time helping her match them up and joining the relevant pages and then naming the new document and she slowly started to appreciate the differences between a typewriter and a WP.

Lady's occupation?

Career guidance counsellor.

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