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The first is that the pre-eminent manufacturer of Android phones is Samsung - a company whose attitude to long-term support would make Don Juan blush.

I don't think you should confuse Samsung's fairly shitty approach to OS updates with the hardware which is pretty well-built and lasts well. Several people here have posted that their S* are still running fine, as is my Wave (hardly ever start it but it still works).

Android < 5 used to add features and memory requirements with new versions and phones hit RAM limitations fairly quickly. Since then feature development has been minimal and Google has put Android on a diet (ART replacing Dalvik, more aggressive scheduling). At the same time the baseline for hardware has improved: more RAM, more cores even on the cheaper phones. As a result Andrew's jokes about "landfill" phones don't resonate that much any more. Cheaper phones do the business and continue doing the business for longer. Samsung has adapted to this and I suspect Apple will, too: an SE of the 8 at some point, no doubt.

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