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Just my pair of coppers...

I'm unfortunately on the wrong side of the Pond & thus forever doomed to the shite American's call "bacon". Paper thin strips of 90%+ fat/10%- meat-like-substance, injected with water, chemicles, & other things best left unsaid for fear of projectile vomiting. All cooked to the consistency of charcoal briquettes of burnt shoe leather & served in a fashion that only a masochist could love...

I have tasted the ambrosia that is *real* Bacon from an ExPat butcher that prided herself on knowing "how it should be done", and to her I offer my eternal gratitude. They were strips thick enough to look like meat, enough of a meat:fat ratio to be obvious it was an actual MEAT product (as in "from an animal" versus "off a conveyer belt"), & cooked to a juicy, tender, heavenly perfection that made me realize that "Hey, Bacon is Meat. My steak doesn't go crunch, so why should my Bacon? Chefs shouldn't be burning the Bacon!" & thus begin my own personal campaign of anti-burnt-pseudo-Bacon in restaurants & at home.

I know the "Burnt is good!" crowd will probably flame broil & rake me over the coals with the down votes, but I feel I must strip away the crunchy FUD & get to the tender Truth of the matter. =-)p

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