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Seriously? Cars look radically different in the UK? Funny, I thought they mostly had four wheels underneath, a painted body shell over all, and a cabin sticking up with windows for the drivers to see out of. Oh hey, that's the same as cars in any country in the world.

Looking at street view pix of UK storefronts, they look pretty much the same as well. Flat front of a building, one section has a sign of some sort, there's a doorway and probably some glass windows.

Street signs? Gosh, a vividly-colored metal shape on a pole, set beside the road and facing oncoming traffic. I had no problem recognizing street signs in France and Malaysia, even when I couldn't read them.

I guess you Brits don't drive in other countries much. You can't find your rental car (strange looking yanno), can't tell what's a street sign, and won't be able to recognize the store you wanted anyway.

But hey, don't pass up a chance to imply IMPERIALISM over something so silly. As if British companies wouldn't use British imagery!

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