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Ethical you say ?

So the company that has put the price of their product up by the same number as the phone edition in dollars, then sold it to us mugs in the UK in the same number but in pounds & tried to make old phones run slowly until they were taken to court, is ethical ??? WTF you must be smoking Androids :)

So my 3 was £300, the 4 was £400 the 5/6/7/8 were the same in pounds & the 9 was skipped & went straight to the X (10) at £1000 due to poor sales of the 8. Now its does not cost anymore to import from China to the UK or the rest of Europe than it does to the USA, so a $999 phone should have been about £765 +VAT, so circa £920. Highest taxes in the USA are around 10% so the $999 would have been worst case $1100 !

So I would not call a company that charges customers in one country more than another just because they can, ethical.

But given the choice of the Malware hell that is Android & its disparate lack of commonality, I'll stick with my iPhone.


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