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"Who now remembers the contemporary whatever-it-was (I've forgotten the name) that died after they tried to charge for it."

There were probably several walled gardens eg AOL.

There was also U/usenet which was a global news group service enabled by most ISPs. Think of El Reg comments for any subject under the sun - but with better client control of personal thread content.

It was probably the origin of the idea that once something has been posted on the internet - then it will always exist somewhere in the global distributed storage.

In the late 1990s many ISP's became very patchy in storing and propagating the ever expanding number of daily posts. Some people constantly attempted to get ISPs to block groups with content that offended their narrow view of the world.

To ensure you saw all the posts in your selected news groups you usually had to pay a subscription to a dedicated supplier.

Eventually most UK ISPs dropped support for the service.

It surprises me to find that in 2018 there are still such specialist suppliers. Don't know whether it is predominantly used for moderated group discussions, ALT group discussions, or ALT.BIN downloads.

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