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> If you start to disasemble your TV or use another repairer, your warranty is invalid, why should Apple be any different in this respect?

Eh? Warranties are a completely different subject, though I do at least partially agree: if I decide to pop the lid on something to fix and/or poke something, there's a reasonable case to be made for the manufacturer to invalidate the warranty.

(Though as ever, there are shades of grey - what if a component fails which is absolutely nothing to do with the thing I poked?)

Back to my original point, and as you've said, Apple effectively sell "turnkey" devices, and this pretty much mandates that the device in question should be a black box: it does what Apple designed it to, and only what Apple designed it to. If it goes wrong - or if you want different functionality - then you have to go back to Apple.

If you're happy enough to buy into that concept, then all is well and good. But it's hardly an ethical approach - instead, it's monopolistic, and potentially subject to abuse.

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