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"Did it actually "seize" them or was something afoot that might have been an offer to make a copy knowing that much would go public? This just has the look and feel of a good old-fashioned, no holds barred, street fight. It just seems strange that he was carrying an actual copy of the data rather then having a link to secure storage. Obviously someone knew he was carrying the data to Blighty...."

My understanding was that the data was the subject of a lawsuit between FB and Six4Three in California with FB trying to prevent it's admission into court.


"According to a court filing by Kramer’s attorneys, the Six4Three executive initially sought to comply with the US judge’s seal, but “panicked” after he was told that he was in “contempt of Parliament” and could be fined or imprisoned. At that point, Kramer allegedly provided Collins’ staff with a USB drive containing documents that he claimed were accidentally left in a Dropbox folder on his computer."

The release of the information appears to help both Collins international grand committee three days later AND Six4Three's court case.... I'm unsure what the purpose of Mr Kramers visit to the UK was but his timing was impeccable.

I don't believe any of this is illegal, but I'd agree with the comment about street fighting rather than sticking strictly to the rules.

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