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The advertising is targeted. It's just crap. The whole notion is a scheme to draw advert budgets from TV, Radio, Cinema, Print, Billboards and simple images + link on websites to Google's or Facebook's advertising platform.

Obviously Google and Facebook think it works (and Amazon to an extent), or hope that it will work better later. See also myths about Big Data, Machine Learning and AI.


From the start Facebook and Google's financial model is advertising. The illegal tracking and data gathering is supposed to improve it. MS thinks it's smart to copy Google and Adobe. Hence Win10 & Office 365. They are being investigated.

It's been obvious for a while that Facebook will sell not just adverts based on the data but the data also. I don't think Adobe (ePubs with DRM etc), Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft are selling data to 3rd parties, however their collection whatever the usage is also wrong.

This isn't a fresh revelation, just more evidence.

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