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Boris the Cockroach Silver badge

I'm on faceborg

And signed to be a mindless drone.

Actually its to stay in touch with old friends who've scattered to the four winds. and the USA.

Having a fairly decent mobile, I thought "how about the FB app for android"

So I looked at the download page, and clicked 'permissions needed'

Zuckenburg.... you can f... right off. (for those who've never looked, the permissions are for EVERYTHING on your phone to be accessible to FB.... )

Oh and the targeted ads on FB are laughable... ranging from washing machines just after posting "I've got a new washing machine".... dur.. I've just spent 400 quid on a new one why the hell do I want another? to age based ads for the sort of problems faced by elderly people (and no I'm not ready for a stairlift/tena pants/equity release/care home yet!)

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