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“But, as the Snowden papers reveal, when governments talk about "lawful intercepts", what they mean is spying on everyone. let's hear your definition of "lawful".”

Ah, I understand now. People don’t know what Lawful Intercept actually is :/ That’s a tad scary.

You are incorrect in that quote. LI has a particular meaning. Get your Venn diagrams out folks. All LI is communication interception but not all communication interception is LI.

LI specifically refers to the capability that telcos are *legally mandated* to provide to the state to give effect to court orders that require interception to take place.

The state doesn’t “tap” your phone. Your telco does. It has equipment in its core network for the task, and is legally required to have that equipment.

Sound familiar? That’s because that’s what various states want WhatsApp et al to be required to have.

Forget whether you agree or not. I know it’s not easy, but everyone (on both sides) needs to leave the dogma alone. The fact is, the model proposed already exists in the telco industry. Simple question - should it?

PS I’m interested by Cuddles argument (“LI is here so we accept it”). Scary that we care so much more about the rights we have and might lose than those we’ve already lost...

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