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Microsoft polishes up Chromium as EdgeHTML peers into the abyss

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As a web dev, I find this statement to be widely inaccurate. In regards to developers "not caring about you". Sure, you have the big top 10 websites implementing a lot of features nobody asked for a lot, but when it comes to the average developer designing a page for a site or a client it actually sucks a lot when you have to rewrite something to make work on all browsers because one doesn't play as nice as others. When developing a site, I have to make sure the most heavily used browsers work 100% and then write workarounds for those that don't work so nice or try again from scratch. It's all because users do matter and will either not stay, complain or hate a design if they can't get what they want easily and fast. UX, UI, the user(you) matters a lot, and you're the ones we try to satisfy the most to ensure that we have repeat business from a client and just a matter of integrity in making a working product. I have had arguments with site owners or co-devs because they want to change something like a menu or main interface to look "cooler", provide more information or simply be different. You can't do that because of UX. If a user expects to click a logo on the left of the page in most sites and you have it below the menu to the right, a user will likely not see it at all, because they are trained to look in hot spots. See FB, YT, Twitter, etc. They all fundamentally have UI hot spots that, if changed, will alienate people.

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