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You can read my SMSs but you can take my WhatsApps from my cold dead hands

Clearly this particular piece of legislation is an appalling mess. Particularly the failure to specify the differences between a TCN and a TAN given the looser (almost non-existent) controls over issuing TANs. That’s never going to be abused...

I am in no way surprised. What I am surprised by is that world+dog-intel agencies invariably cries foul at every such story, but never once mention lawful intercept (as in telephone “tapping”).

Am I right to think we’re all perfectly ok with big G sniffing our SMS messages, but Lord forbid they see our WhatsApps? Seems weird to me.

Why the apparent discord over what is basically the same thing. Yes, there are technological differences, but are we really saying how we send messages affects whether or not we’re ok with them being read by big G?

I understand the tech companies not folding. They’re in it for the money. Saying “no can do’s ville baby doll” keeps customers. Bending over likely loses them customers. But why do *we* the consumer care about the difference? Or do we just forget about lawful intercept?

The media appear to be failing in their job here to bring LI into the discussion. Assuming their job is to educate and create discussion rather than sell ads...

I honestly don’t know the answer to this. Any ideas?

I understand that some ppl require encryption for their safety, and aren’t stupid enough to send sensitive info over SMS/phone call. But generally speaking the states involved in that kind of behaviour don’t need a technological solution beyond an angle grinder. They’re not affected by any of this one way or another.

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