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"Don't really get the complaints about the UI. It's a browser. Mostly it's showing a web page"

Yes, but the UI bits that aren't showing the web page are absolutely terrible.

"Favourites are largely dead with the ability to type a letter or two and jump to a favourite page."

For you. There are many people, however, that don't use (or want to use) autocompletion.

"Edge behaves as a UWP app, adapting to tablet mode properly."

Maybe that's OK on mobile (I dunno, never used it there), but the UWP apps I've seen on the desktop (including Edge) are horrid.

"won't change opinions which are based on image with most people still thinking Edge is IE and sheep"

I think that you're being overly dismissive here. You may get along well with Edge, but plenty of people don't. Not because they have a false image of the browser, but because they've used it and found it wanting. I am one of those people -- Edge is perhaps my least favorite mainstream browser.

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