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Shall we have AI judging UK court cases? Top beak ponders the future

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Pascal M: Let's fully automate administrative and apparently trivial tasks with the magic of our "AI"

That'll give us more time to take to the streets....

So, Mr Ludd, noting the tasks I highlighted, you'll be joining the barricades to protest the right of lawyers to earn a handsome crust through sloth, incompetence and inefficiency? I'll send my apologies, as whatever night the lawyers are rioting on I shall be busy.

All of the examples I gave are services that are expensive for us mere mortals, are notoriously slow, error prone and disproportionately costly. They are not volume employers, and I suspect about half of the searches in conveyancing are performed on digital databases already. Conveyancing and will writing are ideal for automation, offering cost savings, far greater speed (from weeks to minutes), and far fewer errors. And that's the thing about automation - it should offer a better quality outcome, and that's probably more important than the cost savings.

Looking at the replacement of manual assembly, welding and painting in car production with robots - that has enabled cheaper cars, but rather more importantly it does a far better job than people managed. Fair enough, it I buy a Morgan, I want it made by hand. But for a workaday car, I want it cheap and fault free, and automation done properly can deliver that.

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