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YouTube fight gets dirty: Kids urged to pester parents over Article 13

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I really don't see how this article 13 benefits anyone other than the big media companies who are trying to grab every opportunity to try and make money no matter how small of a portion of copyright work is used.

I have already found that the content ID filter on Youtube will pick up the slightest bit of copyrighted music when you upload a video. I tried to upload a video which was recorded on the spur of the moment and had the radio on in the background, the music can hardly be heard when watching the video but never the less I end up getting a copyright flag for about 20 seconds of the audio in a 4 minute video. Your then faced with the options to accept to have ads on the video with money going to the copyright holders or remove the copyrighted audio portion completely. Removing the audio portion doesn't work if there were people speaking or other sound in the video in that audio portion you want to keep though.

So I hardly see how people are using Youtube to upload loads of copyrighted stuff at the moment when I cant even upload a video with a tiny bit of music without it being detected.

Usually when you see videos on Youtube being the latest movie or TV show, they are actually fake videos trying to direct you to another website to download the file rather than actually hosting it on Youtube itself. And I doubt article 13 will change that.

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