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Montezuma's Revenge can finally be laid to rest as Uber AI researchers crack the classic game

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Anonymous Coward

This only is suitable for certain game play. In reality, the highest score at the moment might detract from the overall completion of the path, or the overall score in other games or reality. But as they say, for certain environments it is more suitable.

It is only a bit of intelligence, something that mimics no-brainer intelligence. But in raslirgz a human might be accessing different paths, with an intelligence of understanding the environment and what to do about it. With enough intelligence, it might even run right through the game with little to no wastage first time. But then you get into levels of reading the game designs intent and waying up negatives and positive elements and probability, and understanding the game designers intent and theory of self actualselg, motivations and intended theory of self they perceive of the game players. This includes deliberate deviations and tricks to tool the players thinking and multi layering if those. Really not no-brainers.

There is a solution to this all.

Wayne Morellini

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