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You do realize the price of bitcoin has bubbled and then lost 85-90% like 5 times already since bitcoin was introduced right? The vast majority of these "intelligent" (actually, not very) articles and comments are from people who heard about bitcoin within the past year when it was 20 grand, and now they are poo pooing and crying because it's lost 85% of the price since then. THIS IS THE 5TH (or 10th?) TIME THAT HAS HAPPENED. Buy the F dip.

Sure it's easy to find 100 cryptocurrency "blockchain" get rich quick scams, and say it's entirely worthless and useless for everything, like this article has done, but that is not true. There are valid use cases for "blockchain" as all the idiot bandwagon is calling cryptocurrency these days, it just takes half a brain to figure out what they are. Most of these ideas are stupid and obvious scams, but that doesn't mean there aren't some great ones out there. Cryptocurrency isn't going away. If you believe all this negative news nonsense saying it's going to 0, you're just being played again like all the fools that believed it was going to go up forever and bought at 20 grand. Do the opposite of what you see in the news. Or, continue being a sheep.

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