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Maybe this is an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone (solve two rubixes with one hand?). Old people often complain of being undervalued but the government could offer incentives to retirees who do consultancy, such as protecting pensions against any extra earnings. This would give the old dears and fellows something to do without necessarily forcing them into a 9-to-5 position. Companies would benefit from their established experience and - more importantly - less likely to be swindled by a shiny suited snakeoil salesman. Furthermore the whole thing could foster an environment where elders are more respected and given the sense of relevancy they crave.

I've personally watched hard working metalworkers and truck drivers wither away in retirement because they have nothing to do except for wait for that occasional call from the yard when everything goes wrong. I fear the same will happen to me one day. Farmers, of course, never retire and typically die within a stone's throw of their fields but with contentment. It would be nice to learn some of that wisdom.

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