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See this, Google? Microsoft happy to take a half-billion in sweet, sweet US military money to 'increase lethality'

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What is perhaps a little more surprising is that Microsoft went for the contract at all given an increasing level of upset among employees of tech companies that their employers are taking money from companies that want to use their handiwork to more efficiently kill other human beings.

Has the author failed to engage their brain before writing this?

Take two armies, any two, and position them within shooting range of each other and declare war upon each other. What you'll get is dead soldiers. Developing tech for your side that is better than that available to the other just means more of the dead are wearing their uniform than are wearing yours.

The only way to change the absolute number of dead soldiers, is to kill all of theirs before they kill many of yours, potentially producing a reduction in the total number of dead soldiers.

Abolition of warfare is not within the gift of software developers to give. It just isn't.

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