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There was never a good reason to completely ban split infinitives.

Or prepositions at the end of a clause. Both prohibitions are folk prescriptivism and false elevation, and serve only to demonstrate that their proponents have little understanding of English usage, pragmatics, or sociolinguistics.

I think I heard that the origin of this "rule" came about because Latin didn't have split infinitives

Yes, courtesy of various Neoclassical pompous asses and generations of small-minded, ill-informed teachers who slavishly followed their dictates. The same is true of the prohibition on prepositions at the end of clauses, the reasoning there being that a preposition must come before an object, because that's what its name means ("in front").

As English shibboleths go, those are mightily weak ones. Pedants should really pick something better, like the misuse of "jejune".

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