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See this, Google? Microsoft happy to take a half-billion in sweet, sweet US military money to 'increase lethality'

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"It's interesting how Google employees and users were up in arms over the use of AI technology in deadly drones and plans to censor search results in China – a highly secretive internal project – yet there hasn't been as much of a fuss over Microsoft's censored version of Bing in the Middle Kingdom nor the military use of its technology. Redmond's president Brad Smith simply shrugged last month that America's fighters deserve the best tech, ie: Microsoft's."

Seattle isn't San Francisco. It's expensive to buy housing in SF, so families or couples planning to have a family move away. And they move to places like Seattle.

So you're going to get younger people in SF, people who haven't yet found someone to settle down with. Also people who fit in with those young people and their culture. And younger people often have different attitudes to the military than older people.

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