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Re: If a plane can do this, what happens to cars?

"I can guarantee that until we get drivers cars people will continue to die on the roads at a rate of over one million per year. "

This is the point. Driverless cars will kill people at a rate of less than 1% of meatsacks, but that's not good enough for the "what about" and "but what" brigade.

The insurance industry will drive the change. As soon as they see statistically lower claim rates from automated vehicles, you're going to see lower premiums when vehicles are in automated mode and significantly higher ones with a monkey in control. The fact that automated vehicles are loaded with cameras will kill claims of "the robot crashed into me" stone dead and leave 90% of meatsack drivers who crash into a robot facing full liability (and probably careless driving charges). When the knee point happens the change will be rapid.

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