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Amazon's homegrown 2.3GHz 64-bit Graviton processor was very nearly an AMD Arm CPU


I declare I am an inexpert amd stock holder, but hopefully objectively, I agree with others here that its just a plan B for AWS to use as an "arm twister".

They said amd's arm didn't live up to expectations, but nor does this it seems.

It bears noting annapurna cost ~$350-370m back in 2015

I think they just got a better deal this way than getting much the same arm twister from amd. 350M$ isn't huge considering their presumed cpu spend - they just bought their own designer team & arm licence.

Its just another logical step in the very slow continuum of the arm solution finding a problem to solve in exascale.

Instead of using amd's workshop & team for their experiments, they got a bargain on their own setup, team & arm licence. Their own ~test kitchen, just as arm instances seem to be for their clients to experiment on.

Nobody seems to be saying arm just took a big leap vs x86.

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