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Regarding Boeing apeing Airbus here...

There are some fundamental differences.

1. Airbus uses voted data from three or more sources. A single source fault will be automatically excluded, often with only a maintenance message after landing.

2. Because of the fly by wire nature you will never find yourself at the limit of your strength. This hugely increases capacity for decision making.

3. In the event of two simultaneously faulty air data sources, Airbus publish a simple and quick procedure to remove the flight control protections. It's two buttons.

4. They are also aware of a single faulty AoA vane triggering a stall warning at lift off, and all pilots know the memory actions associated with it (TOGA power, maintain pitch 15 degrees).

The first crew of this 787 that continued the flight actually demonstrated almost perfect decision making. So one of the stick shakers was going off. The situation was carefully evaluated, a clear risk assessment was made and the safe outcome of the flight was never in doubt.

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