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"It looks like Boeing has started to ape Airbus in that the computer has the ultimate say when it comes to the flight controls. "

The difference is that the airbus is an aerodynamically _stable_ design.

The 737MAX has pushed the 737 design out from aerodynamically stable (the originals and turbofans out to the 1990s - when trimmed, pilots only need to touch the controls occasionally to nudge the aircraft back on course when flying "straight and level") to neutral (1990s to now) and into "unstable" territory - (pilot or computer needs to constantly fly the aircraft to keep it straight and level - fighter jets are an extreme example of this kind of thing)

Instability should never be allowed in a civil transport and the MAX should not be allowed in the air. There are a bunch of questions that need to be asked of the FAA's approval processes and why a 50-year-old design has been allowed to be progressively modified to the point where it's become inherently unstable whilst retaining the basic type approval.

I suspect this is going to be an example used in textbooks in future.

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