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I moved from Android where I had been happily using Google Play Music and books to Apple. I used Chromecasts to provide multi room music and stream video. The google apps work fine on the iphone so no need for airplay or apple tv.

The chromecast choice also dictated my choice of wireless speakers, I had no wish to replace 3 very good hi fi systems but wanted additional wireless speaker coverage. I was looking at Sonos but their speakers have no Aux input. I've ended up adding a couple of Bose speakers to the ecosystem. If I'm just cooking in the kitchen I'll use bluetooth to stream from the phone, use a preprogramed internet radio channel if I want serious listening I'll stream via the chromecasts to one or more rooms. one of the nice features of the latest google home app is that you can configure the signal delay for individual Chromecasts I needed to do this with the Bose to get perfect synchronisation but it was literally 2 minutes work


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