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Talk in Trump's tweets tells whether tale is true: Code can mostly spot Prez lies from wording


Lefties are hilarious!

They accuse any none NPC of being brainwashed by Fox News but they are literally regurgitating what they hear or read on the BBC/CNN/NYT or the Guardian.

"Orange man bad, Orange man bad, Orange man bad"

Regardless of what you think or say the stats show he's a million miles better as a President than Barack "no change at all is coming" Obama.

Let's just take a second to remind you all of Obama's legacy......

Record numbers on food stamps, record low GDP growth, record number of drone assassinations, destablisation of the middle east and creation of the European migrant crisis, record number of privacy reducing bills passed, the CIA and MI5 using each other to bypass the constitution and British law recording and logging everything every man woman and child does in the UK and US do and on and on and on and on............

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