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finger test

The stupid ones in South Africa do that. A couple of years ago I was at a friends house when 2 cops walked in the living room, one with his gun drawn. They were looking for a dodgy lodger who'd been kicked out a week before. It was a shake down as all they wanted was to know where the drugs and money were. They were also from the dog unit of different town. After informing these crooks that the gentleman (who I always referd to as worm) was no longer living there and we had no money or drugs on the premises ; they got a bit pissed off and started an illegal search. One of them pulled everything out of a cupboard and triumphantly pulled out a plastic shopping bag with white powder in it. He demanded to know what it was and my friend told him; to which the cop replied 'don't talk shit'. At this point he licked his finger, put it in the bag and straight in the mouth. Personally, I'v never had the inclination to taste scouring powder; but the memory of his face will always give me a warm feeling.

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