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I have one of those -- and what I pile of shite it is. The phone bit is good, the other stuff is shite. I had an Android phone previous to that. That let me put in an SD card. I had gigs of mp3 and one or two videos and lots of pictures. There is no SD slot in the iPhone.

I thought I'd use the bluetooth to start moving these files across. But the bluetooth is either broken or deliberately disabled. I can't get anything on or off the phone. Apparently I can use some Apple software to do that. Fuck off. I want my data to be movable at home, and not have to go through some Apple gateway to control what I can put on or take off.

I took a picture and tried to email it to me. That failed.

Jesus -- I've never come across anything as useless (apart from the phone feature). It is utter crap. The phone is for work, so I'll be buying an Android phone (as long as I can root it) then I can have control over what I use MY device for.

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