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AoA sensor replaced prior to fatal flight

Wasn't the Angle of Attack sensor replaced prior to this last fatal flight of this aircraft?

So far I have heard reports that there were issues on the 3 previous flights to this one, and the sensor had been replaced. Had one faulty sensor been replaced with another one? Had the wrong sensor been replaced? Did the new sensor pass all ground tests on the system before departure? Had the ground tests been properly executed? Has the cockpit been found to determine the state of the MCAS switches?

If the MCAS / AoA system had issues on the previous flights, were those pilots aware of the new equipment operating procedures on the 737 MAX? How did those previous pilots overcome the documented system failures?

The final AAIB report on this will make extremely interesting reading. I hope they find the cockpit voice recorder, though I expect it will just have the two pilots extremely baffled at why their aircraft is repeatedly countermanding their control inputs.

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