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'If you can't reliably hand-fly the plane from end to end you're NOT doing your job, your fitness to task is not acceptable, and your route is too damn long, and/or you're under-crewed.'

And what advantage is there to an aircraft being hand flown across the Atlantic? Literally none, and in fact when pilots were doing it there were far more crashes than there are now.


There is no advantage whatsoever to actually doing so unless necessity intervenes, but it is absolutely necessary that the pilots be able to do so in case of need. And in anything approaching a "normal" emergency, the pilots will only have to fly less than half the Atlantic by hand, turning back and diverting are nearly always completely acceptable options if that involves less time in the air than the original destination.

And for those who like an acronym explained:

ETOPS - Engines Turn Or Passengers Swim

Yes, I am old fashioned enough to prefer more than two engines for long over-water flights.

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