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Never mind trying to change the stereo, how about installing you preferred navigation App on the stereo. How high is the wall on that garden

The height of the fee Pioneer charges for an update to the set of maps. 130 quid every time if memory serves me right for most models of AVIC series.

Please be so kind to place your hand on the table. Please do not resist while your veins are being tapped. Only a small amount of bloodletting to support your favourite brand. Surely you will not disagree with that? It is only fair that the car vendor gets a guaranteed blood as a service from your for as long as you own the car...

Though frankly, I am being unfair. The issue here is not so much mandatory bundling and screwing the customer VW style. It is the insurers. It is not the warranty which is voided by adding or replacing apps on your stereo, it is the official insurance evaluation.

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