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Don't feel bad, you're not alone in the confusion. It sounded to me that it amounted to "Did $X work? If True then remember $X else forget $x & try $y instead" repeated at random until the bot eventually figures out the sequence of $x's that completes the game. Ok so they tried a new algorythm to do it, but it's still just lipstick on the pig. Maze solving bots have been around for ages. Unlike the maze solving bots of yore though, you're letting this one pick a random starting point inside the maze. That's cheating. You have to figure out the path to get to that point inside the maze before you can continue from there, you can't simply teleport into the maze & say "I'm starting from here. Don't like it, too bad." WE don't get to teleport to a random starting point, so neither should the bot. You start from the entrance like everyone else. If you die en route then you start over from the beginning like the rest of us. And that's for a static maze that never changes. You want to teleport in at random? Fine, but we get to randomize the maze if you do, every time you do, so your teleportation results in you never knowing if you're solving the same maze as last time. Don't like it? Too bad.

Now shut up, go back to start, & find the damned cheese the right way.

If you'll excuse me I need caffeine & a nap. =-)p

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