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"As a long time 'Linux user, I've refrained from commenting on the many recent Windows update bug articles."

Hasn't stopped ME from snarking all over it. In fact, having an outstanding alternative OS available, I can be a bit SMUG about it, too. Heh.

I don't use Windows if I can avoid it, long ago given up trying to convince those who still use it and moan about it that other options exist...

Basically I try to respect peoples lifestyle choices, even if they seem illogical or distasteful to me. I'd count the well over the border S&M Windows habit among those.

There's been far too many Microsoft carcrash OS articles lately though....I really can't summon up the energy to join in on the 'S' side while long time windows users once more kneel for flagellation at the hands of their corporate overlord.

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