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I can't believe how I became conditioned to stand on a crossing waiting for a green walk light at - something stupid degrees C & with absolutely no traffic in Calgary in my vicinity.

If I decide to run the risk of crossing while on red light, having followed the Tufty Club\SPLINK & Green Cross Code (In reverse cause they drive on the wrong side of the road, just because we are in a minority it doesn't make us wrong) & then repeating excessively looking out for cops* before stepping onto the road & crossing.

Unlike Canadians (Who also think that vehicles have a magical ability to come to a dead stop the moment they step in front of a car), I continue to look left & right as I cross the road legally or not.

I do miss the ability to cross the road freely & safely like I used to do in the UK.

*The nanny state over here will see you with a fine if caught jaywalking.

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