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"The real problem is that there still isn't any real alternative to advertising to fund Internet services"

The real problem is the insistence of the ad companies to engage in ubiquitous surveillance as part of their business model. You can absolutely do advertising without spying on everybody, it's just less lucrative.

That said, if the ad companies cannot do advertising without spying, then I say let them all die. The internet got along fine before advertising, and it will get along fine (in very many ways, a whole lot better) without it now.

Also, the notion that it's "advertising or nothing" is a false choice. There is a whole spectrum of other means of raising revenue.

"Perhaps leaning on Google over privacy might encourage them to find a way."

That will not happen. Google's entire reason for being is to gather as much data as possible and use it to serve up ads. Saying that they might find another way is no different than saying that they might find a way to go out of business. Google is an advertising company, after all.

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