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AI snaps business titan jaywalking

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The United States sees itself as engaged in an "Artificial Intelligence arms race" with China.

They are not the only ones. It effectively says the same, but the other usual suspect.(*)

I do not know Farsi (my language knowledge is limited to native in 3 European and can read in 10+ more, everything else is double-dutch). However, I can bet that the Farsi speaking usual suspect has a similar speech. Ditto for Korean speaking usual suspect. Ditto for Bengali speaking usual suspect. Ditto for wherever else. I would not be surprised if there is an Eastern Timor speech to same effect.

Everyone on the AI bandwagon. I, in the meantime will remind myself of my dad's fav saying: "There is no need to apply Artificial Intelligence when Natural Stupidity will suffice".

(*)Can't be arsed to translate as I am already in the El Reg Russian Troll doubly moderated bucket. Otherwise translation services could have been provided.

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