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44% isn't enough to be considered a monopoly in the US, they'd have to use some sort of new argument that the app store constitutes a "monopoly on iOS" and ignore that iOS doesn't even have a majority of the overall smartphone market share. Of course, the iOS market share in "smartphones" would have been much higher when this case was brought almost a decade ago so even if it can't be considered a monopoly in 2018 it might have been in 2010 (and the potential damages would be pretty small)

However, this hearing / decision is just about standing - whether app purchasers can sue Apple at all, or if only the app developers would be allowed to sue. Apple argues that they just provide "shelf space" for the apps and mark it up, similar to how a retail store provides shelf space for products which they purchase at wholesale and mark up to sell at retail.

Back when software was sold prepackaged in retail stores like Best Buy, I'll bet most of it was marked up more than 30%.

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