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Groundhog Day comes early as Intel Display Drivers give Windows 10 the silent treatment

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MS’s fault? ¿Que?

So Intel sends borked drivers to OEM’s and ofcourse Microsoft. The _Intel_ drivers try to activate a feature that is not supported within Windows (10), so Windows kills the drivers from runtime and possibly Blue Screens itself.

The difference between Linux and MS Windows is where they load drivers for the hardware they run on. Linux has a kernel where (basic) drivers for hardware are compiled into the kernel. This has the advantage that drivers are very well inspected begore being compiled into the kernel, whereas MS has a kernel where drivers are loaded in a later stage, but are not a part of the kernel (signed drivers with certificates, mind you, thus controllable).

Either way, if Intel would have passed the borked drivers to Linux and had them compiled into the kernel in some way, probably the same would have happened with numerous Linux installs.

The most probable cause is, I think, because Intel HAS certificates that are trusted by Windows and any signed drivers they release are trusted because of that certificate, Intel was able to include the borked drivers with 1809. Thus even though everyone likes to blame MS for this error, Intel is the one to blame here.

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