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Holy moley! The amp, kelvin and kilogram will never be the same again


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Hmm, it won't work out that way.

After the fall of the Wizards, when the wars of lightning and magics kill the Great Cities, the remnant species that were once Humans will eke out short, crude, barbaric lives in the rubble, for a while, until they evolve into other species.. Eventually, erosion and tectonics will delete all trace of Man from the planet, whether Life exists on it or not.

There will never be any archeologists because no second wave of City Cultures can ever arise without cheap, easy to reach oil and coal to kick-start it and we've eaten all of those.

The Fall of The Cities is the end of technology, the end of the Dream of Stars, the end of any hope of a Human Galaxy.

There will be no one left to hear our songs or mourn our kings.

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