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"free democratic society"?


Is it really too much to expect a political system where if any politician is found to have lied, they are automatically sacked, and if the lie has caused financial losses, sued for them?

You'll laugh, because it sounds like cloud-cuckoo land, but that's because we are so used to the status quo.

If I lied to my bosses in work, I'd be sacked. If I was willfully neglegent, I could be sued.

Clearly the "leave it to the ballot box" philosophy doesn't work - people have short memories, and are easily "spun", and easily attracted to the shiny-shiny... Heck, if someone is sacked from their job, they could still try again in the next 4 year election cycle.. Let's see the populace short memory work against them..

Whether its americas trumpites, or our own brexiters, some people need help understanding the truth.

We deserve better than being governed by the best liars.


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