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Groundhog Day comes early as Intel Display Drivers give Windows 10 the silent treatment

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> One would think it is time M$ called a halt to the 'development' of 10. It was a nice try but doesn't really work, and start afresh with a completely fresh slate.

I don't know why everyone assumes their goal is to make a good, solid product they can be proud of. Preposterous. Their goal is to make money, lots of money, by any means, and the current situation already does that just fine.

Besides, why would they spend even a penny to reinvent an entirely new OS when their whole business case relies on compatibility with older Windows versions? It would be commercial suicide: They could make The Perfect OS, and yet nobody would ever touch it with a 10ft pole "because my programs don't run on it" - haven't you heard that tune already somewhere?...

The power of Windows is that it is Windows. And as long as it remains windowsy enough, users will accept everything Microsoft decides to do to them, because Windows is the only Windows. Amazing, when you think about it...

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