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Win10 telemetry had one job. And it failed.

I have a win 10 laptop that hasn't been updated in 2 years. I rarely use it, when I do it's as a db server, there is nothing confidential on it and the whole thing doesn't venture outside its LAN. The biggest safety risk is my gmail login is saved in Firefox's password manager, password protected. FF is patched regularly and carries NoScript.

I do play games on it, it's originally a gaming laptop (very good choice for workstations profiles, IMHO. they're beefy, gamers value quality and they love modularity).

I'd say I don't really want to touch it much and 1809 is doing very little to motivate to think otherwise. I may actually install 1809 later, once all they've whack-a-moled at it sufficiently, it might actually be safer than betting on MS next build to be any better.

For my limited expectations of it, sure, leave it as is. If it was confidential, then that'd be different, but my biggest take on Windows and confidential is that they're best kept on different computers.

You know, this actually brings something to mind. OK, we get MS is "thinking outside of the box", QA-wise. We also get that the Insiders, whatever their (few) merits, sucks at doing QA. Or being a meaningful force for user feedback. We get that bugs were filed throughout at 1809, but no one in MS bothered to really follow those through. There's a crisis brewing at MS and they don't know to make things right.

But... wasn't that the whole point of telemetry?????? Avoiding all the crap like 1809 because we are so instrumented that MS will KNOW something is wrong? With no need for insiders or followed-through bug reports.

Wasn't that what - most unwillingly - giving up our privacy was all about?

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