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I'm not entirely sure if you were merely being (rightfully) snarky or what, but you're too close to being on the mark.

I'm using an Intel NextUnitOfComputing (NUC). It is *entirely* Intel chipsets from audio, video, wireless, LAN, HDD/SSD, mobo, *everything*. I read other tech fora dedicated to doing interesting things with a NUC including keeping it running in the face of Win10 shitty updates. MS can't even get an entirely Intel based machines drivers right! I *might* accept some brand x generic mobo by some 99thParty maker that used such dodgy chipsets that even the manufacturer couldn't write working drivers for the bloody thing, but this is *Intel* we're talking about. FFF MS & Intel have been in bed together so long the duolopy is known as "Wintel" for a very good reason. And MS can't even get proper drivers working for their bed buddy.

At what point does a regular Joe Average on the street simply throw up his hands & say "ENOUGH!"? If MS can't even keep a *NUC* working then there's SFA hope for "obscure" makers like Alienware, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, & others.

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