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Analogue radio is the tech that just won't die

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"But when all the Dabby-ness of things was being debated, everyone in the know was saying mandate DAB+ but they decided to go with DAB. Now we are seeing what has happened because they did not listen. People purchased radios because they were told FM would get switched off. People can't get DAB+ but because they purchased a DAB radio don't understand why they can't get it, they got this new DAB thing that they were told to get but now it's not working."

Same story with DVB-T (SD) which we rolled out for Digital TV, but by then not only had the development of DVB-T2 (HD) been going on for a few years but if was Ofcom's proposal for DVB-T2 that was accepted. Ofcom had demonstrated DVB-T2 back in 2007 and finalised it in 2009 and yet the government still went ahead with the roll out of DVB-T.

One of the big annoyances of DVB-T that DVB-T2 fixes is not being able to support multiple resolutions and codecs on the same channel number, which is why BBC HD 1 is on channel 101, BBC HD 2 on 102, ect. DVB-T2 is designed to ignore any extra data it doesn't understand, so if a 1080p receiver sees a 1080p signal and a 4K signal it will simply use the 1080p signal. So 4K BBC One will share channel 101 with 1080p BBC One.

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