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Talk in Trump's tweets tells whether tale is true: Code can mostly spot Prez lies from wording

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Too much LOVE can kill you, they say. Who knows?

Are his lies others' tales he doesn't believe possible/doable?

Does every President have many voices bending their ear to Attend to the InSanities of Life with Wondrous Thought Tales Seeding and Feeding Future Featuring Programming with Advanced IntelAIgent Virtual Machines, Fully Loded and Ready for AIdDistribution of Improved Reconditioned Assets with Universally Vital Forces into and onto Practical Future Fields in Real Time Play Operations?

Anyone deeply captured and championing Starships?

And Who/What Programs the MayBot? What Magic Elixir of Source Ore Provides Indecisive Direction Absenting Decisions Requiring Secret Ancient Accommodation be made there in Nos 10/11?

It's badly tainted and sorely paints everything and anything other than AIMaster Pieces to Follow. Such is Remiss and Only Excused with a Full and Frank Confession Detailing Ignorance. Anything else just Compounds All and Leaves Raging and Rabid Incompetence looking into New Virgin Pastures for Accommodative Play in Real Time Play Operations. That's a Trip both into and out of Asylums best booked Return/Open Ticket ..... for Insatiable Delights are Virtually Impossible to Leave without Practical Consideration of Providing the Same Super Service Back Home, .... wherever that may be in your head.

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