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Talk in Trump's tweets tells whether tale is true: Code can mostly spot Prez lies from wording

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Known biased enemies

It really doesn't matter when your "fact" checkers are known to be your sworn enemies.

Does anyone think that Bezos bought the WP because he thought newspapers were going to be resurgent and profitable? If Trump said water was wet, they'd find a problem with it - because of course, much outside the 0-100C range, it isn't.

You're all letting someone you're calling a combination of a liar and a moron captivate all of your attention. Pretty obvious who is controlling that situation, and it ain't you. Laughter works better

in most cases - look how the NPC mene set people on fire.

I see a lot of emotion here and not much rationality. Does it make everyone feel good to simply hate with no effect? Just like very little of what people flame on about has actually affected anyone's daily life who wasn't being bombed - and the current moron is barely making the average body count compared to the last few as far as that one goes. Oh, I get it - hating on someone else gives you someone to blame everything on, especially including your own failings. Self-absolution is a hell of a drug.

ALL pols lie, including the current subject, and they do it all the time. Further, pol-speak is good at appearing to tell you what you wanted to hear without even lying - you have to learn to parse carefully.

I'd think any adult would have figured that out long since.

I'd have thought better of the commentards here, most of whom appear to at least be literate and knowledgeable. I guess that knowledge doesn't include much insight into how the "game" is played.

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